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Assessment & Consultancy Services

Our Assessment & Consultancy Services

We provide single discipline and multi-disciplinary comprehensive assessments serving child care, child protection services, medico-legal and family law matters. Our key assets consultants are highly experienced, fully qualified, Garda vetted, insured, independent professionals.

We are committed to achieving standards of excellence in pursuit of the best interests of the child; promoting better outcomes for children and families.

See the below Diagram to learn more about Our Assessments

diagram FosteringAssessments ParentingCapacity /ReunicationAssessments Family LawAssessments Psycho-LegalAssessments;Children & Adults BespokeConsulting ExpertWitnesses SupervisedContact; Child &Family Law PremiumIndependent One-Stop-Shop

Projected Durations for Standard Assessments

Type of Assessment

Parenting Capacity: by Psychologist, GAL, Senior Social Worker (Based on assessment of 1 parent and 1 child)

Projected Hrs


Supervised Access Assessment: by Child Care Worker / Social Care Worker (For Child or Family Law proceedings)


Reunification Assessment: by Psychologist, GAL or Senior Social worker (Based on assessment of 1 parent and 1 child)


S47 Family Law Assessment: by Psychologist/experienced GAL


S47 (or Section 20) Family Law Assessment: by Social Worker


Attachment Assessment: by Clinical Psychologist/Attachment Specialist


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