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For Child Care Proceedings / Child Protection Services

Parenting Capacity Assessment

Our experienced team of Consulting Psychologists and Independent Social Workers can provide you with single discipline or multi-disciplinary Parenting Capacity Assessments.

Our comprehensive, customized and evidence informed Parenting Capacity Assessments can assist with complex decision-making in Child Care and Child Protection matters.

Our Assessment Framework is informed by;

  • The Assessment Framework of Children in Need and their Families (DOH,2001)
  • Signs of Safety (Turnell)
  • Fowler, J.; A Practitioner’s Tool for Child Protection and the Assessment of Parents.
  • Lundy’s Model of Child Participation
  • Budd, K (2001) Parenting Capacity Interview Protocols
  • APA Guidelines for Evaluation in Child Protection Cases
  • Statutory Factors Defining Best Interests of the Child (per Children and Family Relationships Act, 2015)

Reunification Viability

Assessing the readiness of a child to return home to a parent’s care is a sensitive and detailed piece of assessment which requires considerable clinical expertise. The expertise of our consulting team can greatly assist in planning and decision making in the best interests of the child having taken into account the child’s ascertainable views.

Our Assessment Approach is informed by latest research on attachment, resilience, and risk assessment. We are further informed by the NSPCC’s 2015 model; Reunification – An Evidence-informed Framework for Return Home Practice.

Section 20, Child Care Act, 1991

Where substantial safety and welfare concerns exist in private family law matters, the Court may require a social work assessment pursuant to Section 20 of the Child Care Act to determine if any further orders are required under the 1991 Act.

We offer Independent Social Work assessments in these circumstances. Contact us and we will provide you with an assessment proposal and quotation.

Therapeutic Needs Assessments

Our highly skilled Clinical Psychologists are available to advise on a bespoke basis in relation to a child or family’s therapeutic needs to improve outcomes and enhance strengths..

Supervised Access Assessments

We can offer supervised access assessments for both child care and family law matters tailored to meet the needs of the individual child and family. These services are provided by Social Care Workers / suitably experienced Child Care Workers.

Psychological Assessments

We have a panel of experienced Psychologists available to assess children, adults and families for child care, family law and medico-legal matters. Bespoke assessments are also available on a case by case basis.

Our team includes expertise in:

Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Paediatric Neuropsychology

Case Reviews

We offer in depth social work and psychological case review services where practice issues have arisen or a fresh professional opinion is required to help progress better outcomes.

Bespoke Services

Our multi-disciplinary consultancy service represents a rich, independent, bank of diverse expertise. Our hallmark of excellence, good value, and accessibility is engrained in all that we do and is underscored by our aim to contribute to achieving better outcomes for children and families.

We maintain a simple approach to referrals in even the most challenging of cases. Talk to us about your individual referral needs and we will map out your options.

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We are available to assist you with any referral or general enquiry you may have.

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