Our Speech and Language Journey Key Assets Consulting

Our Speech and Language Journey

As a parent, watching your child struggle with speech and language difficulties can be a source of stress and worry. However, I am happy to share the incredible impact that speech and language assessment and intervention has had on my child’s communication skills through the support we received from Key Assets Consulting at their Dublin Children’s Clinic.

The Journey of Discovery: When we initially sought help, my child faced challenges with articulation, vocabulary, and understanding complex instructions. It was really difficult to witness their frustration and difficulty in expressing themselves. That’s when we decided to look into additional assistance which is what led us to Key Assets Consulting.

Tailored Assessments and Personalised Therapy: Through Key Assets Consulting, a comprehensive assessment was conducted to identify my child’s specific areas of need. The team worked closely with us to develop a personalised  assessment that addressed our daughter’s individual challenges. With a comprehensive approach that incorporated a variety of techniques and activities, the sessions were interactive with very helpful feedback and advice to us as parents. The support we received was especially helpful in helping us access the right supports for our daughter at preschool and at home.

Building Confidence and Skills: The progress my child has made since beginning her assessment and therapy journey has brought us such pride in her achievements. From learning speech sounds to improving her fluency, her improved communication skills has also had a knock-on effect on her emotionally. The team in Key Assets Consulting not only focused on the technical aspects of speech and language but also worked on boosting my child’s self-confidence which has meant the world in school and with friends.

Empowering Independence: Speech and language intervention not only improved my child’s ability to express themselves but it has also supported her socially and in terms of her learning. Her newfound communication skills enables her to engage more confidently with peers, teachers, and family members. It has been a joy to witness her growing independence.

The Gift of a Brighter Future: Thanks to the benefits of early assessment and intervention, my daughter’s true potential has been unlocked, giving her a solid foundation for success in school, relationships, and the future. Choosing speech and language assessment and early intervention for my child was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we made as parents. The impact it has had on her communication skills, confidence, and overall well-being is immeasurable.

If you’re a parent facing similar concerns, I would encourage you to reach out for help and I can recommend Key Assets Consulting wholeheartedly. With understanding and the right supports your child can be helped to find their own brighter pathway!

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