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3. Our Intent

Whether our clients need an independent psychological assessment, a social work assessment, a medico-legal assessment, a case review or specialist training, we pledge to deliver:

  • Excellence – we provide quality assurance checks on all our services; ensuring our clients receive a premium professional service. Our professional reports are not only proof-read for legibility and clarity but also for content and analysis.
  • Efficiencywe provide transparent costings and predictable timelines from point of referral. We know time is a key asset within service management and particularly in the life of a child and their family. We are firmly committed to expediting service delivery from point of enquiry to submission of report/outcomes.
  • Experience & Expertiseour multi-disciplinary team of assessors are Garda vetted, fully qualified, insured professionals. We work with the best professionals to ensure our clients receive answers to complex questions.

4. Our Services

Our vastly experienced multidisciplinary Key Assets Consulting team offers an array of high quality assessment and consulting services including:

  • Psychological and Social Work assessments serving children in care proceedings, child protection services and family law matters.
  • Independent Case Review service
  • Additional professional consulting services in the criminal justice, mental health and disability sectors
  • Therapeutic needs assessments.
  • Supervised family contact (including assessments of family contact for Court.)
  • Developmentally sensitive assessments of Children’s Views; realising children’s right to be heard in accordance with national and international law.
  • Specialist Training – professional training seminars are offered to all our associate consultants as part of their support package. Our specialist training seminars will also be available to external professionals/agencies.
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