Psychology Services


We provide in-depth child psychological assessments, parental guidance and support services for children and families.  


Some common reasons to see a Psychologist include

  • Educational /Learning needs; Parent concerned about their child’s concentration, ability to read/write, progress at school.
  • Emotional Needs: Parent may be concerned their child has become very anxious, is avoiding school or social situations, or has difficulty showing emotion or regulating their feelings.
  • Behavioural Needs: Parent is finding it difficult to understand their child’s behaviour and wants guidance in knowing how best to respond. e.g. Child may be very withdrawn /  aggressive / oppositional / struggling with peer relationships
  • Mental Health: Parent is worried about their child’s mental health – noticed significant changes in mood and/or behaviour.
  • Developmental Delay: Young child is showing signs of a delay in their overall development; e.g. not talking as expected, not responding socially, does not show emotions.
  • Disability: Parent may wish to seek further assessment or supports in relation to a known or suspected disability affecting their child.
  • Parenting Guidance: Every parent needs support at some stage in their children’s lives – we are here to answer those queries and worries whatever they may be.



Psychology Services Key Assets Consulting Did you know that if you have private health insurance you may be able to claim back some professional fees paid for Child Psychology? Each policy can differ but we provide appropriate receipts to enable you claim back where fees are covered. You can also keep your receipts and at the end of the year submit them with your Tax return More info.


Psychology Rates

  • Initial consultation with Senior Psychologist (1hr) €150
  • Follow up consultation (1hr) €125
  • Comprehensive Educational Assessment /Cognitive Assessment and detailed report: €1250
  • Standard Educational Assessment and summary report €700
  • Dyslexia Assessment and detailed report €700
  • Autism Assessments – our assessments are multidisciplinary, led by Senior Psychologists (ADOS and ADI-R trained). Comprehensive diagnostic assessment and report €1500 - €2000
  • Bespoke quotes available tailored to you and your child’s needs.